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Home Automation Doesn’t Have to be a Monthly Charge


And, it Doesn’t Have to be Expensive…

The Belkin WeMo Switch gives a fun, and low-cost alternative to automating your appliances to meet your daily needs while you are at home or far away.



Belkin WeMo Switch






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2 Responses to Home Automation Has Come a Long Way Since “The Clapper”…

  1. Nina Cleven says:

    Really liked your presentation. Looks like this would be perfect for so many people who travel or just want to make it appear someone is home when out for the evening. Thanks for reviewing the device as I’d not heard of it before.

    • Chita says:

      I saw these at Costco a few months ago and decided to take a look at the “Wemo Switch” version. The other versions are the “Motion” detector”, and a combo “Switch/Motion”, and Belkin has a “Baby” monitor version, too.

      Belkin, it seems is developing a Light Switch, that integrates with your home existing light switches, but which can be controlled by the WeMo app also.