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I’ve been a big fan of AirDrop since Apple introduced it a couple of years ago. It’s the fastest way to transfer files from one Mac to another, and it can be used even if no wi-fi network is available. It would be great if Apple would extend it to iPhones and iPads, but so far no luck. What we do have, instead, is Instashare. Like AirDrop, you don’t need an internet connection, just your built-in wi-fi or Bluetooth. So far, it’s just for Mac and iOS, but they are also working on Windows and Android versions.


Like AirDrop, Instashare is easy to use. And fast! Transfer any type of file.


Even Pages documents created on my iPad mini can be transferred to my Mac via Instashare.


Instashare is free, but for $.99 you can get rid of the ads on the iOS version. If you try it and like it, pay the people. Comes under the heading of “Pay the nice independent developers.”


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