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I’ve been looking for a replacement for Evernote for a while now. Evernote was great in the beginning. I was able to sync notes & clippings between my iMac, MacBook, iPad  and iPod touch without a problem. Then they upgraded it, and instead of files being stored locally, they went to their server. Want to keep the files on your own computer? It will cost you $45 a year. Don’t want to pay an annual fee and need a file but you don’t have internet access? Sorry about that. You’re SOL. Sorry, but I’m not paying for the privilege of storing my own data on my own computer.

I’ve tried a bunch of alternate apps to store my clippings and snippets of data, but none of them quite cut it. Some were fine for graphics, some for text, some for just hyperlinks. Last week I found recommendations for NoteSuite and NoteMaster. Now, NoteSuite is very nice. It handles all types of data and has an add-in clipper for Safari. It has a quick-access icon in the menu bar. It uses my Dropbox account to sync — sometimes. Ditto iCloud. What doesn’t it have? An iPhone/iPod touch version. It’s computer & iPad only. Really? Would it be that hard to scale the iPad version to run on the iPhone? And fix the sync? It’s a common complaint.

NoteMaster doesn’t have a computer version, and the iPhone & iPad versions are $3.99 each, but it also uses my Dropbox account to sync, so I already have instant computer access to any notes I’ve written or text & graphics I’ve grabbed on my iPad or iPhone. All notes are saved individually in .docx format. You can add photos and drawings to your notes. Draw on top of photos even. It’s not perfect, but it does what I need it to do. A clipper for Safari would be nice. But at least the sync through Dropbox is fast and it always works. Use your iPhone camera to add photos to your notes. Email a note to a friend in rich HTML format.

Check it out. They have Lite versions for both iPad and iPhone that you can try for free before shelling out any hard-earned cash. They limit you to 7 notes, but at least you get a chance to check out the features.

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