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Depending on who you listen to, it seems that Apple has been having a few problems with their iApp servers. Some have been seeing problems for nearly a month, but only on the iPad family. No problems with iPhone or iPod touch app updates. In our house, it’s been about a week. The App Store app icon will show the number of updates available, but opening the app and going to the Updates tab shows nothing. Huh?


Go to the Purchased tab and scroll through the lists and you will find the Apps to update.


There are numerous “fixes” on the Apple support pages, but none seem to work consistently. I tried rebooting my iPad (fixes a multitude of problems) but that didn’t work. Followed Apple’s suggestions that amounted to a full reset without having to redownload everything or restore from a backup. Did it work? Nope. How to update until they fix it? You can update the apps within iTunes, then tether the iPad to your computer and sync. Don’t want to do that? Then you are stuck scrolling through your list of purchased apps on the iPad and updating them individually. There is speculation that the problems are related to the coming release of iOS7, but Apple is (as usual) silent on the subject. If someone knows the whole story, the poor tech support people are not being kept in the loop.

Oh, and the Apple Tech Support fix that I tried? The App Store app quit showing the number of updates available — for a couple of hours. Please Apple, at least own up to problems when they occur. Playing dumb only makes it worse.

Update: Apple seems to have resolved the problem, at least for most, this afternoon. Mine was not the only article today, so maybe Apple is paying attention.

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5 Responses to iPad App Update Problems?

  1. Jim Nichols says:

    I was having this issue as well over the weekend. It seems to be resolved now.

  2. TheMichaelT says:

    I am still experiencing this on my iPad 2! What’s the deal?

  3. BullDurham says:

    I have an iPad 2 and have had the problem for almost a week. Tried all the fixes, nothing has worked.

  4. Guest says:

    This worked (sort of). I went from needing 7 updates to only needing 2. I can’t seem to find out which 2 still need an update.

  5. Pole shift says:

    Stop sending ipad 4 updates, resetting now does nothing, or deleting apps for productivity