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I came back from vacation to find my Google Chromecast¬†. I ordered early and so got in on the 3 free months of Netflix offer (it was good for existing Netflix users as well as new ones). So it didn’t cost me much to experiment with it. I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of money, because I’m still trying to figure out just what the point is.

I bought it on the promise that I could get anything from my Chrome browser sent to a TV, which I thought would be pretty nice when traveling – no more carrying a bulky HDMI cable. But it doesn’t appear that Chromecast is going to be much help.

Yes, it does duplicate things from my browser to the TV. But not QuickTime (the audio portion) right now, which I learned about after ordering. I was cautiously hopeful, but not expecting a it to function, with my Slingbox. It sort of works – if the Slingbox video is in a browser window, then the video will make it to the TV, but if you go full screen on the computer, then the video disappears. And in any case, you get no audio.

I guess if all I wanted to watch was on YouTube or Google Play I’d be all set. It did work fine with Plex via a web browser as well. But I couldn’t make it work with MLB.TV, because if I asked to play video of a game, it opened in a new window, and I cannot find a way to get the Chromecast icon on the mini-window to cast it. I can only cast the main window showing highlights.

So maybe someday I will be able to leave the HDMI cable at home, but not yet.


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