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Calvin Carson is usually the one talking about backup methods and strategies (on Fridays), but I realized recently that I needed a different sort of backup.

A little history first. A few years ago our old grade school gang (emphasis on old) decided to take our annual luncheons from restaurants around the area to one classmate’s backyard. No waitstaff to give us the bum’s rush for sitting and talking for hours, no noise contraints, just plain socializing with people we’ve known longer than we’ve known our own spouses.

Being one of the geeks of the group, background music became my job. Battery-operated speakers — check. iPod — check. A metric buttload of music from the ’50s & ’60s — check. I started putting together a fresh playlist a couple of weeks ago, and as usual, I set it up to actually play through the 6+ hours assembled, looking for any bad tracks. You never know. I have a 3rd generation iPod nano that I’ve used for the last 3 or 4 years exclusively in my portable speaker dock. It sits in my bathroom and usually works like a champ (music to shower by), but has been misbehaving lately. Too much steam, maybe. Turn it off and it turns back on. Turn it off and it turns back on. At that point, it comes out of the dock. The click-wheel started to balk. Factory reset time. That seemed to fix some of the problems, but I was leery of depending on it completely. Enter my 5th generation nano. I’ve duplicated my party playlists on that iPod. I’ll take both iPods to the party this week, so if one fails, the backup will be available. What if the speakers die? Don’t even go there. (Seriously, I’ll take the power cord and find an outlet somewhere for it.)

This is for the Detroit, MI Warren G Harding Class of ’58:


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One Response to A Different Backup Strategy

  1. stevenjklein says:

    Your grade school had gangs? Wow, Warren G Harding must have been a pretty scary place back in ’58. (And regarding that video: What happened to Etta James’ voice? She seems to have almost no vocal range.)