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I’ve documented the “fun” I’ve had with my Magic Mouse and my MacPro. The built-in Bluetooth is just not very good. Now I’m having problems on boot with the external Bluetooth adapter since moving up to 10.8.5 (although some folks are having worse problems – external BT adapters not working at all, so I guess I’m lucky). Even before upgrading, I had been looking for a wired trackpad. The Apple trackpad looks great, and I’m used to using it with my MacBook Pro, so I wanted to get one. But I didn’t want to swap one BT device for another. So I’ve been on the lookout for a USB trackpad. I wasn’t able to find one until just recently.

Wacom has recently released the Bamboo Pad. It’s available in a wireless and (ta da!) USB version. In addition to bringing the trackpad experience to my MacPro – with multi-touch – it has a pen as well, if you want to get a bit more precise or want to sign or draw.And at only $49 for the USB version ($79 for the wireless) it’s pretty cheap. (For comparison, the Magic Trackpad from Apple is $69, BT only).

It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but I’m using it in place of my mouse. It does have physical right and left buttons at the bottom, but you can use multi-touch/tap and gestures with it, like a Magic Trackpad. And because it’s USB, I don’t have to worry about battery life or signal strength any more. The pen stows in the upper-portion of the base and does not seem to need any batteries (I don’t know where you’d put them, because it’s pretty slim). The driver (downloaded, no disk included) allows you to turn on and off all the gestures, just like the Apple trackpad.

So no more wasted time fighting with Bluetooth and batteries for me – I finally have a wired solution. Apple,please remember, wireless is not always best!



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