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 Belkin Keeps Adding to Their Smart Home Functionality Devices

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Belkin LogoThis past May, I blogged about the Belkin WeMo Switch.

A device that gives you “Smart Home” functionality. You plug in the WeMo Switch to a wall socket and plug in an electronic device into the WeMo Switch socket.

With the WeMo Switch, the free WeMo app, and your wireless router, you then have control to power this device on/off. You set up rules to automate the operation of the electronic and you can access the device through the app anywhere in the world when you have internet and WiFi access.

But not all home lighting is through lamps. Wall switches control most of the lighting throughout your home.

WeMo Light SwitchTo continually work with you to automate your home and security needs, Belkin has released a new control device, the WeMo Light Switch. A wall mounted light switch that replaces your homes standard existing light switch, but gives you automated control, through the same free WeMo app.

With rules you can program the WeMo Light Switch to turn lights off at designated times, and even respond to the sun. Enter your city name into the app and you can program your switch to turn on at sunset, or off at sunrise. This is great for outdoor security lighting.

You can also just launch the app and manually turn on/off any device.

The WeMo Light Switch features subtle backlighting, making it easy to find the light switch in dark or dimly lit locations.

The WeMo Light Switch retails for $49.99.

I’ve seen the WeMo devices available at local Costco stores.

Belkin devices really add to home automation and home security. And they seem to weather power failures intact. I had three in one day during a recent storm and the WeMo Switches just picked up where they left off.

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