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One of the main reasons that I was anxious for the new iPhone 5s had nothing to do with the fingerprint sensor or better camera. In fact I’ve been wanting to upgrade for a while to simply go from a 32GB version to a 64GB version. With my iPhone 5 I’d wake up every day to an alert that warned me that my storage was almost full. I tried to get rid of all the usual suspects. I deleted/unsync’d thousands of pictures. I got rid of all music and virtually all my videos. Yet still I managed to keep a 32GB iPhone 5 pretty full most of the time. I have over 400 Apps and that doesn’t help matters, but what was really taking all the space?

Check your usage!

In iOS 6 I was able to go to Settings->General->Usage and after a minute or two I could see which apps were using the most space. Usage does a great job is listing the biggest space hogs at the top of the list. However, it wasn’t until iOS 7 that I noticed they added “Messages” (if it was in iOS 6, I never noticed it). My Messages App was taking up over 3GB of space! Why? Because every conversation that I had where I either sent or received a photo or movie was still there and each of those photos, movies, etc. were still there tying up space. I immediately went through old conversations either clearing them completely or at least deleting the old movies and pics that I didn’t need in the messages app anymore. I still have more to clear out of there, but I was able to get back close to 2 GBs of space out of that one App alone.

If you’re running low on space and you want to see where it all went, fire up Usage in the General Settings on your iOS device and after a few moments you’ll see. I’m still happy I upgraded and now have plenty of room to spare, but if I ever get low again I ‘ll know where to check to see where it’s all going.

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