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I finally got a chance to try our my new Bose headphones that I told you about earlier this year on a flight. I have to say, they blew away my old headphones for noise reduction – it’s like a night and day difference. And the old headphones were no slouch. But during times when the engines were roaring before, you could hear them in the background with the old headphones. With the new, I couldn’t hear them at all. And thanks to the FAA deciding to use the magic known as “science” (thanks for joining the 21st century) and allowing electronics during the entire flight, I was able to use them at the loudest possible times – takeoff and landing. Yes, I occasionally used the old ones at this times too – without crashing the plane, miraculously – but the large red power light was a giveaway, and so I usually had them off but covering my ears. Still, I did use them a few times, and while they cut the noise down quite a bit, they were not a silent as these new headphones.

All I heard was my music or my movie. In addition, I was able to hear announcements from the crew  much better with the headphones on (and the music stopped) than I was taking them off – filtering out all the background noises made them come through clear (although admittedly not very loud). I could also hear them when I used the “aware” mode – that let in some of the background noise, but made it possible to hear then aircrew a bit louder.

In addition, I no longer had to carry around the large, clunky headphone case – the new ones, and I showed before, fit right in my pocket. Less hassle in the security line, less hassle in the seat, less bulk to carry around, and much better noise canceling. About the only negative was the fact that I am not as used to having something right in my ear as opposed to over it, so I was uncomfortable at first, But I got over it. I really can’t recommend the QuietComfort 20 headphones enough if you want to listen to the music (or the movie soundtrack) in a noisy place.


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