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Last year I finally broke down and switched to an iPhone. There are many things to love about a iPhone, but one of my favorites came with the last major system upgrade to iOS 7 — the ability to easily block telemarketers.

When the government came out with the “No-Call” list law, it was great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Gradually, the telemarketers have found ways around the law, and some just plain ignore it. They drive me nuts. Calls on my landline are bad enough, but telemarketer traffic on cell phones is seeing a marked increase since more and more people are relying strictly on cell phones. Enter iOS 7.

Finally an easy way to block those annoying calls. No paying your provider a monthly fee to block numbers. No jumping through hoops. Go to your recent call list and click on the information button to the right of the number.


Scroll down to the bottom of the resulting page and click on Block. It’s that simple. Want to see what numbers you’ve blocked? Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked and you will see a list of blocked numbers.






Oh, and you can also block your annoying brother-in-law or cousin or ex BFF from messages or FaceTime, as well as phone calls. The list also gives you the ability to unblock that former BFF. Thanks, Apple. Blocking made easy.

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