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Our smart phones and tablets, while a hassle at times, are making many things easier. Online banking has been around for a while now, although I do have a bone to pick with our bank. Their app only works on my iPhone, not on my iPad or iPod touch. And before someone says anything, it’s not the operating system. It’s the bank.

I’ve been renewing drivers licenses and license plates online for a few years now. Much better than waiting for hours at the local office. Income taxes? While I won’t use online software to figure our taxes (can you say hackers), I’ve been e-filing as long as it has been available. It’s fast. It’s easy. I don’t worry about the post office losing my return.

Trip to the library? Okay, my husband and I will never see eye to eye on this one. He still prefers paper when it comes to books, but I like being able to log into our local library and download ebooks and audiobooks to my iPad & iPod touch. Bonus? No late charges for forgetting to return one. When they expire, that’s it. One gripe? There are far more audiobooks in .wma format than in .mp3.

My latest internet find? Our local government website added a new feature — subscribe to email updates. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but it gets tiresome trying to dig through their website to see whether the latest blizzard or holiday or whatever is going to delay trash pickup. Or to see if a snow emergency has been declared. You get the picture. I don’t know how other municipalities handle it, but we even get notices of what is going on at the library and community center. We received a notice a couple of weeks ago about an error on the water bills that were already in the mail. The error? The wrong due date. An earlier than necessary due date. I’m sure they received a bunch of irate phone calls from those who aren’t on the mailing list. I did some checking, and while not all of the cities around us have a similar mailing list setup, most do. If you haven’t checked your city/township website, take a look-see. You might be surprised at what you will find.


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