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Well, Seeing That It’s A Bit Too Cold To Venture Outside…Thought I’d Spend Time with a Favorite App


Wow, who pissed off Mother Nature?

2014 Winter has been totally brutal. So, while I’m trapped inside, I’m spending some time with Photoshop CC and all those images and movies I’ve taken but am usually too busy to get around to. In this video, I’ve used the new Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop CC to open up the detail lost in the shadows of a back-lit shot/video. Utterly cool. Enjoy!









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3 Responses to Photoshop Video Editing with Camera Raw Filter

  1. Gordon MacDonald says:

    Excellent and useful presentation. Thanks.

  2. Guest says:

    Thanks Gordon.
    Glad this was helpful.

  3. donna31 says:

    Awesome video thanks! You could post next time some Raw editing with PaintShop, something like this would be awesome for us who started with PaintShop! 🙂 Thanks!