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I’ve had Apple’s Magic Trackpad for a long time now, and I really love it. As someone who has battled carpal tunnel problems for several decades (I was a speed demon with paper spreadsheets and a 10-key adding machine), it has been a blessing. Before making the change, I had to switch between a mouse and trackball every week or so or suffer serious pain in my thumb and wrist. Once the trackpad came into my life, the other devices went into storage.

A couple of months ago I noticed a hairline crack in the lower right corner of my Magic Trackpad. The glass surface is well-bonded and it wasn’t a spot that was in constant use, so I put it out of my mind. More recently, I dropped something on the upper right corner, and I didn’t get off so easy. Instead of just a single crack, it resembled a windshield that was hit by a rock. Yep, spiderweb cracks radiating out. Now, I couldn’t feel the cracks, but I decided it was time to mitigate my damages.

The way the glass is bonded, there is no way to replace it. Buying a new one seemed extreme. Hey, they’re $69 plus tax. That’s a  big hunk of change. What to do? How about a $10 skin? Much better. Decal Girl has been around for a long time, creating vinyl skins for everything from MP3 players to laptops. They are durable and easy to install. I had a couple for 1st generation iPod shuffles that lasted longer than the shuffles.

Installation was a breeze, I no longer need to worry about the cracks getting worse and slicing my fingertips, and my trackpad looks good. Alright, at least it’s a new conversations piece.


Don’t say it. I already know that I’m warped. Comes from decades of being a crime novel fan and married to someone in law enforcement.


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