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Developers Are Taking Digital Reading To The Next Level


As a once avid reader of paper books, the habit did not change, but evolved, once I decided to forgo a paper collection for a digital collection.

With ePub, iBooks, PDFs, Zinio, Smithsonian, National Geographic and other great book, blog and magazine sites, e-reading can take me around world, to outer space, and to wonderland on those days when I have to literally stay home.

While reading from one of those many sites, I stumbled upon an article about two apps that claim to help you read faster, in a much different way than we have normally been taught. The first is Spritz.



I found Spritz to be a technology, not an app, which delivers “text streaming” as its core functionality. Content is streamed into a frame on your screen, one word at a time, and read by you without you having to move your eyes from side-to-side, as per our normal reading experience.

Spritz developed “Redicle” technology, which is a special visual frame encompassed of horizontal lines, hash marks and ‘red letter’ alignment of words, to keep your eyes focused directly on one spot on the screen as the words are streamed at a designated speed.


Spritz word alignment

On the Spritz website you can put this technology to the test by reading their content through the Spritz experience. You might even try to task yourself to see how many words per minute you can digest. It’s amazing what reading speeds you can acclimate to pretty fast. The rate starts at 250wpm and goes up to 600wpm.

Word streaming technology is not new, but Spritz’s implementation of it is.

See: Why Spritz Works

The only downside to the experience was when I encountered an unfamiliar word and wanted to go back to see it again to define it. There was no way to do that on the site, without starting over in the text. Otherwise, after spending time on the website, me—the avid reader, was hooked. I wanted immediate access to this technology or app, so that I could read more content with it. So, I went looking for it. Alas…

Spritz developers are presently working on getting Spritz technology into the mainstream of media; text messaging, social media, digital books, closed captioning, email, mobile devices.

I was crushed—but still so hungry for this type of experience now that I’ve tasted it. So, I went looking, again, this time for the other app that was written about in the article.

And that review will wait until next weeks MacNews post…










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