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 Text Streaming

(And Hopefully, A Warm Welcome To The First Day Of Spring)


Last week I wrote about the “Spritz” technology, HERE.

It aids in helping you read faster.
I love it and am hooked.
But as of right now, that technology is not available to iOS. A big 🙁 to that.

So, in the meantime, I went searching for technology that is available now.
What I found was a serious contender, Velocity.
After spending time on the Spritz site, I can see how the Spritz technology (more than just RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) is what I would want to use IF it were available now. Their “redicle” technology keeps my eyes from shifting ever so slightly to find the ORP (Optimal Recognition Point) as single words are streaming on the screen.
This in turn lets your brain comprehend the words faster.
Other text streamers use RSVP.

That said, Velocity is no slouch, and it IS an iOS app. A big 🙂 to that.

So, right now, Velocity is my text streaming app of choice.


Velocity is available at the App Store for $2.99










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