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Ever Lost, Misplaced, or Have Your Belongings Misappropriated?


We can all answer yes to at least one of those questions.

TileshotWe have heard about the successes or have even used “Find My iPhone” to locate our iPhones, iPads, and laptops. This technology is extremely helpful in locating your lost, stolen or misplaced Mac/iOS device. But unfortunately works only for those devices. Wouldn’t it be nice to enable this type of technology for anything you own, like your backpack, purse, wallet, jacket, briefcase, tool bag, bike…you name it? Sure it would.

Being able to find your items, whether in your home or outside of it, just got a boost, with Tile.

Tile is a very small device, about 1 inch square, with bluetooth technology that works with your iDevices. The tracks the location of the physical Tile, and shows when you are close to or far from it. A Tile cloud-based account let’s you login and send a signal to your Tile, causing it to ring through it’s built-in speaker, giving you an audible sound to locate it. Being that it’s bluetooth technology, you have at least a distance of 150 feet to locate your misplaced item.

But what happens when your lost item isn’t within the range of bluetooth technology, what happens then? The will indicate the last GPS location it “saw your Tile”, hopefully, giving you your first clue of where it might be.

If this doesn’t help, you go to your Tile cloud-based account and mark the Tile as lost. This alert will put all other users (yes, the other peoples iDevices) on the lookout for your tile.

Not by sending any of your private info to that other user.

If a user gets within bluetooth range of your lost Tile, their will discretely send a signal to the cloud-based server indicating the location of your lost Tile. This location info will then in-turn be sent to you.

So, this facet really helps if there are a lot of Tile users. This is a great product, so I don’t see why this product wouldn’t build a community of Tile users.

So where can you get a Tile?

First a little background.

Tile came into existence through crowd funding, regular people backing a great idea into reality. So far, according to the site, 49,486 backers have helped to raise over $2.5 million, to make Tile a real product. Orders are said to start shipping April 2014 along with the release of the iOS

Your will track up to 10 separate Tile units.

Tiles cost $19.95 each and the battery inside a Tile will last for one year.

The battery is not chargeable or replaceable. A reminder will be sent to you to order a new Tile, along with an envelope to recycle your old Tile.

With the introduction of Tile, those days of a 30 minute search for the car keys that fell down in-between the cushions of the couch, are long gone.

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