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After yesterday’s great presentation by Fahad Ansari from Code42 on I learned a few tips on configuring my settings, but most importantly I learned that they never delete your files even if you do. Well I wanted to test that theory. Months ago I moved some pictures out a folder (“Auto Imported Items”) on my drive. After that I lost track of them. I probably accidentally trashed them at some point as I can’t find them on any of my drives. I went back as far as Time Machine would allow and that folder was still empty. Knowing that CrashPlan had backed up that folder at some point, I fired up the CrashPlan app and asked it to show “Deleted Files” and sure enough everything that that folder had ever had in it was there and restorable. I restored the folder to my hard drive right on the desktop. All my RAW files were there and I got back the two images that I was really interested in having back and pitched the rest.


This makes even more valuable to me. I rely on Time Machine for local backups and of course restoring files or complete systems in the event of a drive crash or data corruption/deletion. I rely on for offsite backups in the event of a more serious disaster such as fire, flood or theft. Both Time Machine and have saved me on more than one occasion.

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