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Everybody gets 5GB of FREE iCloud storage just by creating an account. For most people this is plenty of space for the few documents and applications they use that sync to iCloud as well as for backing up an iOS device such as an iPhone. However, if you have LOTS of images and other data on your iOS device or have more than one iOS device that you’d like to backup or you wish to take advantage of the NEW iCloud Drive, then 5GBs probably isn’t going to cut it.

I had upgraded from 5GB of iCloud storage to 25GB of iCloud storage (5GB free plus 20GB of paid storage) which was costing me $40/year (or 3.33/month). Now that Apple has lowered the cost of storage I have upgraded from 25GB to 200GB for only $3.99/month. I could have stuck with the $25GB of storage for a lower price of 0.99¢ /month, but I needed more storage anyway. The 25GB wasn’t enough to backup both my iPhone 5s AND iPad Air. I was backing up the iPad to my Mac, but only when I remembered to do it. That always makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that if something happened to my iPad that my backup may not be up to date. Now that both my iPhone and iPad are being backed up to iCloud, they backup automatically each day.

The NEW monthly iCloud pricing is as follows:


20GB 0.99¢

200GB $3.99

500GB $9.99

1TB $19.99

While these prices aren’t as good as the competition (ie., they are much better than they were. I also expect more and more apps to integrate with iCloud over time and therefore having more available storage at a cheaper price will only be a good thing.

Is your iOS device backed up? If not you are at risk of losing your photos, text messages, application data, settings and more. Backup NOW!

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