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Label or Envelope? I have a Brother Color Laser Printer and a Dymo LabelWriter. I love both devices, but when it comes to mailing something in an envelope I could either print a label or print right on the envelope. As with a lot things, i’m usually in need of one or the other as I’m walking out the door. I think for a minute, which is going to be the fastest and take the least amount of setup. The Dymo definitely wins for packages, but an envelope could go either way. Also it’s cheaper and less wasteful to print on the envelope. I remembered the good ole days of Mac OS 9 Dashboard widgets and my favorite one back in the day was EasyEnvelopes. The good news is that EasyEnvelopes lives on today! It’s actually an application now and works great with most printers. I got it from the Mac App Store and was printing envelopes after about 2 minutes of setup time.

It prints the POSTNET barcode by default. You can customize the layout and choose your fonts. It can pull address right from your Mac OS X Address Book, including entire groups of contacts (ie. Holiday Card list). Yep it does all that I need and is the easiest fastest way I’ve found to print an envelope on demand. While it would be nice to also have this as a Widget in OS X, it’s fine as a stand alone app.

You can get EasyEnvelopes here from the


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5 Responses to EasyEnvelopes for your envelope printing needs

  1. DeeAA says:

    I had previously used Easy Envelopes and found I had a dmg in my Downloads folder. When I tried to install it, it said it was already installed. (I had it as a widget). A three or our-finger swipe to the right on the trackpad brings up the widgets. I had forgotten that. So check and see if you don’t already have it, if you had it in the past.

    • immovableobject says:

      The app includes additional functionality as compared to the old widget (which was excellent indeed).

  2. stevenjklein says:

    I used to use Easy Envelopes, but a while back I discovered that the Contacts app (née Address Book) has a built-in envelope printing feature.

    • Terry White says:

      Yes, printing labels or envelopes from Contacts is fine as long as the address you want to print is a contact. More often then not when i’m printing envelopes they are one-offs that aren’t going to be in my Contacts app.