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So, now that you’ve updated to that new iPhone 6, or even upgraded from a 4S to a 5C or 5S, what are you going to do with the old phone? If you bought it through Sprint, Verizon or AT&T, they’ll buy back your old phone for about $100. You could probably sell it on eBay and you might get more, but might also get less. And it all takes time. Several weeks. And a few headaches with packing and shipping.

My daughter just upgraded from her old 4S to a 5C through her AT&T account. AT&T would buy back her 4S for a $100 gift card, and it would be somewhere around 3 weeks to process after they received her old phone. Not too appealing, so we started checking to see where she could get the best deal.

In the end, it turned out that the best and fastest deal she could find was at GameStop. She walked in with her old phone, and walked out 10 minutes later with $101.40. I have no idea how they determine the odd price. If she wanted a store credit, they would have made it $127.00.

We had already wiped the data, but they wiped it again, showing her each step of the process to verify the wipe. Before they did that, they ran the serial number to be sure it wasn’t stolen. They also took all of her ID information and thumbprint, just in case it turned out to be stolen but not yet in the database. The clerk at the store (Grand River & 9 Mile, Farmington Hills, MI) was super nice and handled it efficiently, and apparently a lot of people had the same idea. That was the 5th iPhone that had been brought in that day, and it was just barely lunch time.

They also buy other smartphones & tablets in addition to the various game machines. If you have old electronics collecting dust, check out GameStop. Better cash in your wallet than collecting dust on the shelf.

Halloween is only 2 weeks away, so it’s time to bring back a couple of the MacGroup 5 videos. I’ll have a new one next week, but here’s an oldie.


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One Response to Have An Old Smartphone Collecting Dust?

  1. InklingBooks says:

    Is there a center where all media pundits plug in their brains and get programmed to say the same things. Every one of them seems to think that selling that smartphone to some re-buy firm is the only way to go.

    Why not sell in locally to a real person? Why not give it to a friend or someone going off to college? Owning their phone means that student doesn’t have to pay those pricey monthly fees.

    Selling to one of these firms should be a measure of last resort, to be only used if you live by yourself on an isolated island.