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Creating Keyboard Shortcuts Can Be an Indispensable Time-saver


Some of the things we do when working within apps is quite repetitive. Nothing can be more mundane (and energy sucking) than doing the same things over and over again. Yet, it is a reality of life. So, for those times when I can’t get around it, if I can, I create keyboard shortcuts. Whether I’m in the Mac OS, InDesign, or application X, if I can find a faster way to get repetitive tasks completed faster, I find it.

With that said, I spend a lot of time in InDesign. And with the advent of Creative Cloud, because I teach them all, I presently have 3 versions of InDesign on my computer. CS6, CC, CC 2014. Well, with CS6, I did extensive creating of customized keyboard shortcuts. With the newer versions of the software, I wanted to have those customized shortcuts available and I didn’t want to have to recreate all of them again. Take a look and see why you don’t have to recreate that wheel. —Enjoy





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