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I like knowing what the current temperature is outside. Sure I could go to a website and look or even look in the Notification Center. However, what if there was a way to check at a glance without even taking your hands off your keyboard/mouse or leaving the current application you’re in. There is!


Weather Live is a weather app for Mac OS and iOS. As you might have guessed by the name it’s a live weather feed for your Mac. Best of all it shows the current temperature right in your Menubar. Whenever I’m curious of how hot or cold it is outside I can just glance up at my menubar and keep right on working.

Weather Live is more than just the current temperature. It has a slick design that you can chose from four layouts. When you first launch the App it will ask permission to use your current location. This is great for MacBook users because as you travel the current temperature for your location will be displayed without any additional effort.


You can of course enter multiple cities from around the world either by zip code or by name. The temperature readout on the menubar is also a menu that lets you see the temperature for your favorite locations at a glance without having to bring the App to the foreground. Since I run multiple displays I just keep the application window visible on my third display so that I can look over and see the forecast for the next 24 hours as well. Speaking of the Notification Center, Weather Live gives you a Notification Center widget as well. It gives much more detail than the built-in Weather widget.


I’m very pleased with this App.

You can get it here from the .

If you want it for iOS you can get it here from the .

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2 Responses to Weather Live! – A Brilliant Weather App for your Mac

  1. Claire Anderson says:

    Anyone tried out WeatherMate? I’ve heard it provides very good hyperlocal forecasts. Any thoughts?

  2. sunny68 says:

    3DWeather is also a pretty cool weather app for Mac. Have been using it for the last couple of days. Its basically a widget that app that show scenic animation of the present weather condition with other weather info. Weather forecast is also available in a pop up view that can be accessed from the widget. Just wanted to share this cool piece of software. here is the link: