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Mobile Device Scanner Apps Have Become Pretty Handy


For business use, school use, or for personal use, you might find that having the ability to scan business cards, documents, sketches, notes, or whatever your need, with your mobile device can come in quite handy. Then add in the ability to sync or upload to your cloud storage, and it gets even better.

First you should define what scanning app or apps will be best for you. What features are a must? Features like: scanning resolution quality, edge detection, multi-page scanning capability, password protection, OCR. Do you want these capabilities available directly on the mobile device or do you mind creating a third-party account to access features?  Then at what price point are you willing to pay for these features?

At our May 17, 2015 MacGroup Detroit meeting, two mobile scanning apps “ScannerApp” and “Scanbot” were reviewed. Take a look as Chita Hunter takes them both for a spin and you might find your latest download. Enjoy!








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