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Stuff Happens, in this Throwback Thursday!

No matter what the time, day, week, season or year, stuff happens. With computers and electronics when problems occur, most can be solved. But, at those times when things aren’t working quite right, you have to endure if the expense to replace is more than you can afford, ferret-out the problem if you are sure it’s something that you can fix, or surrender and let it go when you can’t and buy new.

In this post of Throwback Thursday! I revisit a very humorous experience “That little green light…” that took me through all of those expressed scenarios and then back again. It’s situations like these that you look back on and laugh at how funny they were, but certainly while you are in the midst, things certainly were not that funny.


Throwback Thursday! MacGroup Detroit February 2002!


That Little Green Light….

by Chita Hunter

MacNews – February 2002

You know the ones I’m talking about. We look at them every time we power up our computers, print- ers, CD burners, all our peripher- als. To some these green lights can represent the difference between a good day and a not so good day.

In the last few weeks I’d noticed that my additional LCD monitor would sometimes come on and then go black when I powered it up along with my computer. I’d push the on button, that little green light would come on, the desktop of my com- puter would come up on the LCD and then the LCD screen would go black.

As the weeks passed, getting my desktop to come up on the second LCD monitor became a daily exer- cise, sometimes in futility. It would take a longer and longer time span to come on. I’d push the power on/off button continuously until finally the monitor would stay on. It hadn’t annoyed me to the point of inconvenience yet. That’s always the last straw.

The day it took 45 minutes for the LCD monitor to stay on was the last straw.

So I made the always dreaded call to tech support, which can also be an exercise in futility. I called KDS/Radius tech  support  to  see if anyone else had seen this issue. Waiting on hold didn’t seem to be much of a hassle. The automated phone system let you know how many calls were  in  front  of yours, in between the music. Not the dead silence noise or advertising that we’ve all come to know and just luv. The calls went by fast, the longest I was ever on hold was 10 minutes.

The tech and I went through the necessary steps. The little green power light was on, the only thing that was on, no nodes were missing from the computer to monitor con-

nector. The LCD  monitor would just display this polite message “Please Wait” and then leave me waiting. No desktop.

Thinking that I’d had this monitor at least a year, I asked about warranty, and was blown away. This monitor carries a 3-year full parts and labor warranty. Some cars don’t come with a warranty this  good. And it got better. For a credit card number to hold, they’d ship out a replacement monitor immediately and I could send back the original monitor within 30 days, whatever shipping method I choose.

OK, so I was feeling  better. The replacement monitor arrived within a few  days.  I  pulled  it and all it’s cables out of the box and plugged it in. The monitor never stood a chance with me. As soon as I plugged it in, it hummed. Hummed like a bad ballast on a fluorescent light fixture. Humming is not good. That monitor was back in the box faster than I could say, “Geez, didn’t someone, check this out before they sent it?” Which probably wasn’t the real problem. That box looked a little beat up.

Back on the phone with KDS/ Radius. I told them about the moni- tor  humming.  Without hesitation, I was given a RMA to return the replacement and KDS would send a replacement for the replacement and also send me an Airborne freight slip to return this humming replacement. What! Service! I was in shock.

In the meantime, I’d got my original monitor to stay on. My only hope until I got the new replacement, was to not disconnect or turn the original monitor off. That wasn’t much of an issue until the fourth day when I had to disconnect my computer, thanks to Comcast (don’t get me started).

Upon reconnecting the monitor to the computer,  of course it wouldn’t bring up the desk- top and I was forced to resume those finger to on button exercises. I was soon frustrated and about to give up, then I heard a knock on the door. The replacement for the replace- ment had arrived. I wish other items would just materialize like that.

I immediately pulled just the monitor out of the box and swapped places with my original monitor. To my absolute dismay, the replace- ment gave me that polite little mes- sage, “Please Wait” and then went blank. Well at least it was polite.

OK, now I’m thinking, “it’s my computer that’s troubled.” With fingers crossed, I hooked the moni- tor up to another computer, it came on. Now, I’m almost holding my breath, I’d just purchased this Tita- nium notebook, could it be faulty? So, my last test involved the last vari- able, the old power supply.

I opened the box again and one at a time, connected all 3 monitors to one of the new  power supplies. All monitors came on. I guess you can’t always trust those little green lights to tell you if the power is really on.

Well, now my office area looks like a monitor warehouse. I have three flat screen monitors there and all I really needed was a new power supply. Gee, this has the potential to be one of the most expensive power supplies ever acquired.

Well, KDS, once again showed superior customer service. I called back and explained the scenario and they agreed to pay the cost for shipping the second replacement monitor back to them as well.

Now, that is customer service.




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