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Entering Text Made Easy

If you have a computer, smartphone, tablet, we have something in common; we are entering text endlessly. 🙂

Whether you type like a pro or “pluck” along, entering text is a given for our emails, documents, notes, apps, or whatever communication tool we are using…

To try to cut down on the amount of typing, we try speaking, using the dictation icon that’s available. But, this effort can become a very interesting exercise in seeing what text actually pops in. Most often we have to manually clean up the text anyway. So, most times we just manually enter it from the start. Manually entering text is rarely fun, just necessary. But it’s especially not fun when you enter the same text multiple times a day, time and time again.

For example, we respond to emails on a daily basis. We respond to text messages quite regularly, too. We create documents for our own use, and to send to others. What do they all have in common? Text entry.

Entering text of words or phrases that I may type on a regular basis is a little less time consuming and monotonous, when I create text shortcuts. These shortcuts, created within the Mac OS (and iOS) expand into words, phrases or paragraphs, when they are entered. Like the phrase, “Have a Great Day”. I’ve created an acronym “hagrd” that expands into “Have a Great Day” once I hit the space key after entering the acronym.

To see how you too can create text shortcuts that cut down your text entry time and effort, watch this short video:

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2 Responses to Entering Text Never Changes, Or Does It?

  1. Nina Cleven says:

    Nice concise video. Thanks for sharing.