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Why I chose my stand, keyboard, and cover.

It never fails that at every MacGroup meeting I get asked about the stand my iPad is resting in, the keyboard I’m using, and the cover/protector that houses the keyboard.

I did a review of them awhile back, but this still may be new news to some…

I decided to go with a wireless bluetooth keyboard, full-size, and a stand that are not connected together, for use with my iPad. Yes, I know that the iPad has a keyboard, but if you do actual work that includes inputting text on your iDevice(s), you need an external keyboard. For me, this allows more physical freedom of movement and positioning when typing. Along with the ability to set the iPad (iPhone, etc.) in a multitude of viewing angles when it’s placed in the stand. The case for the keyboard keeps it clean and secure and I can angle it as well. Both stand and cover were purchased from Amazon.

This stand is so sturdy, versatile and awesome, that I find myself using it for more than just my iDevices. I have several of them.
It’s the SHARKK Folding Aluminum Stand:

The keyboard is a full-size Apple Wireless Keyboard. And the keyboard cover is the Maroo Otago Apple Wireless Keyboard Cover:


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