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Which MacBook Pro model to get?

Getting a new computer always comes with a learning curve, then there’s usually a mountain of questions before and after the purchase. What are the present hardware features? Which ports have been removed from the exterior? What changes have been added to the exterior? Can I add RAM to the basic configuration, or not? What processor options do I have? Is the native hardware or software compatible with my existing peripherals? Not to mention: “Did I get the right computer for my needs?”

I’m not immune to those questions either. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 15″ model and wanted to know as much as I could about it before the purchase and still after the purchase. One of the topics that I did tackle before purchase related to the Thunderbolt 3 ports. I knew that I’d have to purchase adapters of some type in order to continue to use some of my existing peripherals, like my scanner and printer. In the video, you’ll see what I ended up purchasing. Foremost, in this video, we are learning together. 😊

So, as we learn together, here is my video of my “MacBook Pro 15″ Review (from a Picky Users Point of View).”


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