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Getting More Out of Pages

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create more than just a simple text document in Pages?

Have you wanted to learn how to use some of the advanced features of Pages?

Then these videos are for you!

Depending on how much “software power” you need, Pages may be able to replace one or more of the apps you currently use for text related documents. And, the best part is that Pages comes as a free app with your Mac.

In the Deep Dive into Apple Pages playlist below, I went into a deep dive of the features of Pages covering content such as:

  • A handy tip on how to first distinguish a page layout template from a word-processing template
  • How¬†to use Pages to create a document that featured consistent layout and formatting
  • Paragraph styles
  • Table of contents
  • Inserting footnotes, links, movies
  • Why and which document format to use
  • Exporting to ePub for upload to iBooks or iTunes
  • and more…

Click on the video playlist below to get started, and Like, Subscribe, Comment and Share.

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