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Back in the late 60’s early 70’s there was a sitcom on TV called “Hogan’s Heroes”. It was about a WWII prisoner camp for the German airforce. The Allied forces in the camp pretty much ran the place as a point for spying on the German forces. It was really funny. There was an SS officer, Major Hocstetter, that would show up at the camp and Col Hogan would always be in the Kommandant’s office.¬†Major Hockstetter¬†would always ask ” Vat ist this man doing here?!”




Vat ist this man doing here!


Right now, just letting you know something extremely important about backups. Now here’s the secret. ………. are you ready? …… don’t tell anyone it’s just me and you…. okay? Good!




A backup you can’t restore is not a backup.


So you are going to want to test your backups every now and then. I say maybe every quarter of the year. With the seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Take that nifty back up that you have, may it be on whatever media you used, and restore it back on your Mac. Here is what I do.

  • Create a folder called “Restore Test” on my Mac
  • Get my backup media I want to restore from it’s secure, and hopefully offsite location.
  • Using what ever method that I used to backup, restore to the Restore Test folder, all or a sample amount of files from my backup. ( If simple Finder copy, just drag and drop )
  • After the restore is complete, attempt to open and use some of the files that I restored to the “Restore Test” folder.
  • Smile warmly to myself if they work perfectly. Feel confident that all is well with the world and my backup schema
  • Delete the folder called “Restore Test” and free up that disk space on your Mac.


If all does not go as described above, then we must retrace our steps to see where the process failed. Fix the failure and perform the backup again. The good thing is that if you find your backups are not working, you can fix them before you have a data loss issue and you are under the gun to get a project done.


I am reminding you:

A backup you can’t restore is not a backup.




That is:

Vat this man doing here!

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