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There is nothing in the world like a good laugh.

When you are in the foulest of moods, a good laugh can ease that edge.

When you feel lower than low, a good laugh can lift your spirits.

When melancholy is your wakeup buddy, a good laugh can make you smile.


So, while experiencing the ‘Monday Moanin’ Blues’, I stumbled across one of my favorite web

sites and literally laughed out loud. And hence, vaporized those blues right away.

The site is not hosted by Peter Steinfeld, but his work is there.


OK, now who is Peter Steinfeld you ask?

Well, almost any hand that has touched a computer for the past 10-15 years knows who Peter is or knows of Peter’s work.


Peter Steinfeld, was (is) a satirical cartoonist. His work in “Hey, Stuff This” is legendary. His work never failed to bring a hearty laugh and smile of agreement to the ongoing banter that has now been replaced by the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials. I’m sure that Peter’s work helped to give the Mac that added boost it needed in the ongoing dilemma of platform choice. Of course, we Mac users feel that there really is no other choice.


Sometime around year 2000, Peter’s work disappeared.

Did Peter ‘disappear’ literally? Well, that I don’t know.

But, to this day, I still enjoy Peter’s cartoons and even to this day,

the relevancy of his work is still strong.


Do you know where Peter Steinfeld is…?

What he’s doing…?

Or what happened to him…?

If so, fill us in.

I for one, would like to give Peter much thanks for the many

moments of ROFLMAO that he has given me.




To see more of Peter Steinfeld’s work visit here:

And one of my all-time favorite Peter Steinfeld cartoons…


Don’t eat too much today! :)

Share a hug and smile with family today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Where is Peter Steinfeld?

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    Loved his stuff and miss it, too. I need to double check, but I’m sure I have a few of his cartoons floating around. I was notorious for pasting them up around the office.

  2. Steven Klein says:

    “Did Peter ‘disappear’ literally? Well, that I don’t know.”

    He was spotted as recently as 2007:

    Using clues from that post, I found his LinkedIn page: