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Welcome to the second Friday of 2010!

Time to start the New Year Right

So over the holiday I decided to clean up the studio and get my new beautiful 24″ iMac out of the box and set it up. It’s about time, I said and I found some time to do it. I had bought it in September but my schedule has been pretty hectic and I just could not get to it. Plus with the office purging and the rewire of the bench area, I needed a few days to work on the project.

Under Construction

I got the studio bench setup and the new iMac is almost complete. A few months back I took advantage of a sale at the local computer mega store and bought a 1 Terabyte external USB/Firewire hard drive for my Time machine backups that I would be doing with my iMac. When I bought the drive, I did not take into consideration, the fact that it had Firewire 400 ports. No problem. I have been using Firewire 400 for years. Firewire 400 is on most of my Mac’s. Problem. On the new iMac, it’s Firewire 800. Firewire …. GOOD! Firewire 800 … Good but a problem.

Most of my Firewire devices are Firewire 400. Scanner, External Hard drives, digital video camcorders. All of which have cables that will not plug into my new iMac. What’s a boy to do? Well I guess I could go and buy Firewire 400 to 800 cables for all of my devices. It must be a better way.

On a Mission

So I trot myself back to the computer store to get some cables and I am looking around and I find a Firewire hub for $50.00 by Belkin. I think that this may be what I need. I got a few Firewire 400 to 800 cables and I was about to leave when I saw it.

There it was! Shining in plastic wrappings on an end cap display. Angels hovering around it. Sounds of choirs in my ears. Yes, this was what I needed.


The fine people at had created the thing I needed for my peripherals and my new iMac to live together. It’s the Hi-Speed USB 2.0/Firewire 7 Port Hub. It has 4 USB 2.0 Ports and 3 Firewire Ports in one unit. Takes up minimal desktop space and with one Firewire 800 cable from the hub to the iMac, I can hook up all of my peripherals with my existing cables. Woo Hoo! One of the best features, it was only $29.99. Half the price of the Belkin single protocol hub.

The backup set up for the new iMac is next.

And now for our Back in time feature

Don Was of the group “Was not Was” used a Mac in this 1987 video. For you kids, this is the original not the version from the movie “Ice Age” See if you can spot the Mac in it. Be careful. If you look at this video more than once, you’ll find yourself doing the dance. Enjoy


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6 Responses to Excited… Like "back" when I was a kid …

  1. Calvin, I LOVED it! Especially the part about the angels hovering and the choir singing! You gave me the perfect solution to a problem that I encountered as well when trying to set up my new iMac! Thank you for sharing this knowledge! Now it’s off to iogear I go!

  2. Rick Minto says:

    Please let us know how HOT it gets. I used my Belkin powered 7-port USB hub as a coffee mug warmer. Until it failed. Since the iogear hub is vertically oriented, it is less suited as a winter beverage accessory. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Terry White says:

    Calvin congrats on your New iMac! I know that it’s been a long time coming. Enjoy my friend!

  4. Bill W., Mug Det. says:

    Cal, What is the model number of this Angel? In what store did you find it? I’m having locating it on-line.

    Bill W.,
    Mug Detroit

  5. Steven Klein says:

    For Bill W and others looking to buy this online, Amazon has it (with free shipping) for $30.56. Here’s a link

    By the way, Calvin, at which local store did you find it?

  6. Calvin says:

    For those looking to pick this up locally in the greater Detroit area. You can find it at Microcenter – 14 Mile and I-75.. Here is the link for online shopping

    The angels hover after 6 PM. They are pretty busy the rest of the day. In the morning, the choir is the Mormon Tabernacle, evenings, the Edwin Hawkins Singers. Oh Happy day!

    Sheree and others, I hope this is helpful. Rick, I will have to find my thermometer.

    And Terry, this new iMac is sweet. This weekend I will finsh loading software and then I can start back editing video with Premier…. finally.