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Sometimes you get caught between backups


Every now and then, I make the mistake of not doing a special backup when working on a project. It’s not a critical project but who wants to redo work if you do not have to?


Well I got caught between a rock and a hard place when one of my hard drives for a project I was working on decided to stop working in the normal fashion. Oh it would spin, but that little dickens would not read all of the data I wanted to. I found this out when I tried to Super Duper the drive and about 25% into the Super Duper backup, the hard drive would fail to read and stop the Super Duper backup job,


What to do?


Well luckily for me, I had a copy of Data Rescue II by ProSoft Engineering. It’s now known as Data Rescue 3. This is a really great piece of software. Unlike others that will try to “fix” your hard drive and the problems within, Data Rescue 3 focuses only on trying to get your data off the hard drive. This will avoid doing any more “logical’ damage to the data by not trying to move it around.


How does it work?


I don’t know much more that what I have told you in the previous paragraph. What I do know is the drive has to be able to spin up or else there is no chance of recovery of data. If the hard drive did not spin, you would have to deal with a professional service like OnTrack to try and recover you data. What I do know from experience is that in the 3 times I have used Data Rescue, it has recovered 90 to 95 percent of the data I was attempting to recover. I love it!


And of course our musical selection for this week. Remember “Hound’s Tooth” are the new “Plaid!” 



Check out the musicians, looks like the cast from “Men in Black” sans the sunglasses.

I will be “back” at cha next week!

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2 Responses to Rescue Me….

  1. arrakian says:

    I have data rescue 2, and I can testify to the quality of DR; saved my bacon BIG TIME.

  2. Dion says:

    I used Stellar Phoenix Mac thats great tool for deleted file recovery mac…