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Hmm, what to blog about today? Is there anything going on in the Apple realm?

Of course, anyone in the Apple blogosphere posting today about anything other than the new Apple device, which the whole world expects to be some sort of tablet, is wasting their time.It seems like the entire tech world is holding its breath waiting to see what Jobs and company have for us this time.

When the first iPhone was announced, many thought they knew what to expect – and Apple surprised just about everyone. Today, everybody thinks the new tablet/slate/pad will be a larger iPhone/iPod Touch.  That certainly seems to be likely, but I would never bet against Apple coming up with something else to surprise us. 

So what can I say that hasn't already been said in the rumor sites? Nothing. I can tell you that I hope the new device gives us a choice of data carriers (if indeed it's connected, as pretty much everyone believes it will be).  I'm also hoping for a camera that faces the user for video chats (and wouldn't it be nice to have one facing the other way as well?). We already know that the iPhone can support decent e-readers, and so with the expected larger screen, we can hope for a better e-book experience.

I would also expect the price point to fit somewhere in the $600-$800 range, otherwise you're getting too close to a MacBook. Of course, when the iPod Nano came out, and it was close in price to the far larger (in capacity and size) "classic" iPod, I thought Apple had priced it way too high – and they couldn't make enough of them, so what do I know?

I'll be updating this post after the announcement with my impressions of the new device (and any other announcements that may be made) but I won't change the above to make my predictions look better:). So after you follow along on the web (a couple of great places that usually do live blogging are Engadget and The Mac Observer) come on back for my take.

Update: Ok, as Steve says below, the iPad has been announced, and at a somewhat aggressive price point. I'm still not sure I'll be getting one – there are some nice features (the superior ebook experience, the video at a size I'd be willing to look at for more than 5 minutes, and the iWork suite – yes, I know there's document read/write programs for the iPhone, but the screen is too small for me to do any real editing). I also like the keyboard/dock (wonder if it will work with an iPhone?). But other tan the e-book experience, I'm not sure it's worth it since I already have a MacBook Pro I take a lot of places. I probably would take the iPad to some places I wouldn't take the laptop. So I'll have to think about it.

If you're looking for a cheaper system than a MacBook for mainly web surfing, email, and light documents, I think this is a winner. While it doesn't run Mac software, getting, say, a MacBook Air doesn't do you much more good, because it's too underpowered for tasks much heavier than e-mail/web/documents.  So something to keep in mind. 

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One Response to Anticipation

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Well, it’s out. It’s called the iPad, and the entry-level model is just $499!

    Lots of details about it can be found on Apple’s website at this link

    There’s also a nice video available at this link.