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Hey there hidi-ho neighbor!

Sorry, had a Tim Allen “Home Improvement” flashback.

Anyway it’s Friday and that means we need to talk about some backup stuff.

Today is going to be lightweight.

Once you have your backups done, it important to get them away from the computer with the original files. Store your backups in a safe place.


Here are my top 5 places to store my backups.

1) Bank Safe Deposit box

· Great because it’s temperature controlled, fire protected, and pretty darn secure. If they are protecting cash and other valuables, it’s a chinch the ole hard drive is in a safe spot.

2) Home Fireproof Safe

· Not a bad choice but most fireproof safes are somewhat expensive. However most fire resistant safes will hold your drive for a short period of time before heat may become a factor. Of course the safe could be in your garage as an extra level of safety.

3) Locked in a desk drawer at work

             ·         Make sure to take it with you if you get released.

4) At a family member’s home or home of a trusted friend.

· Make sure that you can trust that friend or family member to take good care of your valuable data.

5) With a online data backup company.

· This can be a choice if you have small amounts of data. Companies like Mozy or Carbonite are choices to look into for online backups. You’ll need a high speed internet connection to use this type of backup. The more data you have, the longer it takes to backup that data. Also if the company goes out of business, so does your data. So choose wisely. This would be my last choice.

There are probably other places to store your backup, but these are the ones that I have used and I really don’t like digging holes in the back yard any more.

The important thing is to keep a second copy of your data somewhere away from your Mac or PC so that if your computer got destroyed or stolen, you would have your data to restore to the replacement Mac or PC.

Of course Friday is the day we must have a musical selection to start the weekend with.

This week I stumbled upon this flashback favorite from the days of Big Hair, really too tight pants on men, moon boots, and such. Enjoy!

Make sure to tune you radio to 760 on the AM dial for “The Internet Advisor Show” . I will be on with the gang from 4-6 PM on Saturday 1-30-2010. Get more details at the website.


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2 Responses to Safe and Sound

  1. Barbara Schwartz says:

    What a great day to start my Friday!

  2. Calvin says:

    So I got to ask, what made it a great day to start your Friday?

    I assume that this blog entry had something to do with it?

    And thanks!