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You find stuff like this happening…

Do you have those moments when you do something so ridiculous or stupid that you hear yourself chastising you out loud? Don’t bother to answer, I know that the answer is yes. We all do it.

I was recently in a local retail store pricing merchandise and of course using my iPhone. I was using an iPhone app that required me to manually enter keywords or a UPC code. As I started to enter the code, I decided to save myself time, make life easier for myself and download an app that would just read the UPC code for me.

I’d been waiting to download this app until I really needed it, so right there as I was standing in the aisle, I downloaded RedLaser. I knew that Redlaser has become the app to use for pricing. Being able to scan the Bar code makes it that much easier to use and faster. We like fast.

OK. Once downloaded, I launched the app and saw the arrows and brackets that you are supposed to align the UPC barcode between. Well, I looked at the brackets, looked at the barcode on the package, looked back at the brackets, looked back at the barcode…..and was stumped.



I know some of you are laughing already, just keep it down long enough to let me finish.

I stood there and wondered, “How am I supposed to do that?”

OK. I then brilliantly tried to turn the screen of the iPhone toward the package, thinking "How am I supposed to see if this works this way. Surely something will magically beep to let me know."

Well nothing beeped and I thought, again, "How am I supposed to get this to work?" As I kept trying to align the iPhone screen face to the package’s barcode, a voice suddenly shouted out in my mind as loud as a bell, “Ah HELLO, there's a camera on the back of the iPhone!"

OK, get up off the floor and stop laughing so hard.

No, I haven’t really owned my iPhone for two years now and taken hundreds of photos with it. I couldn't help but laugh at myself, a big laugh.

And the trend didn't stop there. The next morning I was checking the weather as I always do before I head outside. I hadn’t yet opened the window blinds to peak outside. I’d forgotten that I'd been checking the weather in Hawaii the previous night. I looked up the weather and saw “68º and sunny.”

I got excited. Visions of playing tennis on the outside courts danced in my head as I wondered “How can this be?” Could this be an abnormal weather pattern due to global warming? Jet stream disappeared? El nino?

Then I glanced again and saw ‘Hawaii’ on the weather location heading, and laughing again at myself, thought “Oh, my goodness, it’s really time for a vacation.”

And speaking of laughing at myself, read about

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One Response to You know it's time for some R&R when…

  1. Jack Beckman says:

    You *really* need a vacation!