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Many people ask me,

“Calvin. How often should I backup?’

There are an endless number of responses to that question. Most responses are questions. Let’s start shall we?

Here are some example responses

1)      How often do you want to do the same project over that you put 12 or 14 hours into?

2)      Do you like crying cause you lost $372.00 worth of iTunes and the electronic receipts?

3)      You really enjoy reconstructing your computer by reloading the Operating System, all the patches and updates,  all of your applications like Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc and all of the patches and updates,  all of the utilities and other downloads and freeware and all of the patches and updates? Are you getting the picture?

4)      Do you want the opportunity to re-live your daughter’s wedding again so you can retake the pictures and video over again that you lost because you did not back up? When I say re-live I mean re-live. You know, make all the arrangements over again with the flower guy, the caterer, the house of worship, the photographer – well… maybe not him, he might have just what you need in photos  so you won’t have to stage the wedding again with a daughter that is 7 months pregnant and she can’t fit into the original wedding dress. You know, I think I just lost all control in this blog.

Let me get back on track.

You need to back up on a regular basis. How often you backup is based on how much exposure are you willing to take in regards to the effort it would take to get your computer back to the point it was, before the data loss. Back up more often, less effort to recover. Back up less often, more effort to recover.

Nuff said, you have your weekend assignment now. You can backup your computer during that football game.

Friday Musical selection time —- Whooo Hooo!

I won’t be on the “Internet Advisor Show” on 760 WJR this Saturday but it is the show’s 12th year anniversary! Tune in to Gary, Ed, and Foster for some tech celebration and fun on Saturday evening. Due to an annual commitment I will be away officiating for Ice Skating this weekend.

Since it’s SuperBowl weekend and we all know our Detroit Lions are SuperBowl bound sometime next year, let us flashback to a year when the Lions had the greatest year I can ever remember. It was 1980 and the Lions adopted this theme song.


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2 Responses to Quarterback …. Databack…. Which one will come through?

  1. Yvonne says:

    Good article as usual and loved the music video. Good choice. A great way to start my Friday. 🙂

  2. Jack Beckman says:

    Is there a football game this Sunday? I thought the Lions had a bye.

    And who can forget “Another One Beats Our Butts” (wasn’t that what the song was call when referenced by the Lions)?