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Have you ever wondered how much you’ve spent at the App Store?

Well, I never really did until I saw this app.

Then I was intrigued.

Then I was shocked.

“I’ve spent that much!”

Then I was amazed. I would have never thought that much had flowed from my pockets for apps. Now it wasn’t really that much, say in the range of $100. But I would have guessed half that much since I have a lot of free apps. I can now just imagine what the total is for downloaded songs and audio books.


App Store Expense Monitor (ASEM) is the app that opened my eyes.

ASEM won’t hack into your iTunes account, it gathers the iPhone applications from your iTunes folder on your computer and reads the price information from there.


ASEM places the information of app name, developer, category, and price into a sortable table, and you can edit the price information if there is a discrepancy. So the totals may be more of a very, very close approximation instead of exact.

Double-clicking a table entry will bring up the app’s information in the new iTunes Preview web view. This table can be also be exported out to a CSV or XML file.


There is an option to add the program to your menu bar if you wish, which will also display the dollar amount spent, just in case you need to perform your own iTunes App Store intervention. 🙂


App Store Expense Monitor is a free app downloaded from Wetfish Software:

Check it out and report back here of how much you’ve spent on apps.

Was it more or less than you thought or did you curl up on the floor in a ball thinking of what you could have purchased with all the money you’ve spent at the app store?






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0 Responses to 99¢'d to Death

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    Okay, it was more than I thought ($74.57). If they ever do one that adds up my Kindle purchases I’ll be in real trouble.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Hmm didnt think I had that much but I have spent $40.72. I can say that $15 of that was a gift card I got at Christmas so it is not so bad. So it could be a lot worse.

  3. Jack Beckman says:

    Almost $90! I didn’t realize I’d spent so much, considering I am cheap and usually just get “lite” versions. Many of those were on iTunes cards though.