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Hello Mac’s and Mac’ettes!

Often I am asked by people how much should I spend on a computer system. Many times, folks have set aside monies for the computer and the peripherals but not money for the 2 accessories that they need just as well as any other.

Here are some of the things most people set aside monies for

Extra Memory

Large Monitor

Fancy Drawing Tablet

Larger hard drive

The list could go on. However more cases than not, the purchaser does not set aside monies or even think about the 2 items that they may need the most.

What are those 2 vital items?

That would be some sort of external storage and software to put their data on that external storage.

Let me give you a simple example of what a Mac user needs to keep in mind when buying a new Mac. This can also be applied to a PC user with PC software.

1) Buy 2 external USB or Firewire hard drives

2) Buy 1 copy of Super Duper cloning software

That is it. That’s all you need.

So what do you do with these 2 items for your Mac?

Let me give you an example on how to use these 2 simple items to keep your data backed up and safe.

  • Install Super Duper on your Mac
  • Connect 1 of the 2 External hard drives to your Mac.
  • Backup you Mac to the external hard drive
  • Take that external hard drive and store it offsite in a safe place from your Mac
  • One month later, connect the second external hard drive to your Mac and run the Super Duper backup again.
  • Take external hard drive number 2 and take it offsite where you have stored external hard drive number 1. Bring external hard drive number 1 back to where you Mac is.
  • One month later, run Super Duper again with external hard drive number 1
  • Repeat the backup process alternating external hard drives drives each month


Now you are protected and you can only lose a months worth of work. If you cannot stand to lose that much, then perform this backup procedure more frequently.

Musical Selection for the week

Backing up is the key to keep your world from turning upside down like this video. I love the late 80’s early 90’s “Big Hair” era. Also 2 of my many favorite comedians are in this video…. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Budget for your backup $$$

  1. Gary Mencimer says:

    Noted your comment about my comment on Phyllis’ post this week. Calvin, I’m your Palm Springs CA. area fan too. Your mantra and my mantra are of the same beat. BACK UP. BACK UP. BACK UP.
    Our little Mac group here at Sun City Shadow Hills,Indio, CA is small but growing. Topic for the next meeting. Backing Up of course! And a pitch for Super Duper

  2. Art says:

    I’m a big Super Duper fan too! For added protection, I have an additional drive for my Time Machine backups that I run in parallel with my Super Duper backups. This way, I can use a slightly old Super Duper backup along with my Time Machine backup and recover most everything in case of a catastrophic crash.