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I finally worked on income taxes this last weekend — 2 weeks earlier than normal. Bookkeepers & accountants always wait until the last minute, and most of my CPA friends end up filing for extensions. I guess we all hate taxes.

I finally had a chance to put this year's version of TurboTax through it's paces. I won't say that it's for everyone, but I was happy with it, for the most part. It's faster than previous years, and even the updates seemed to go faster. Pulling in the data from last year's return took only a few seconds, and it even transferred my e-file/direct deposit info. 

I always like to print out a 2-year comparison sheet, but the only way I found to do it this year was to use "Print Front Screen" from the file menu. The standard print command wanted to print the returns and worksheets, but not that particular form. Can't have everything, I guess. I've stopped printing paper copies, and have been printing to PDF for several years. E-filing is also my choice. The Federal e-filing is free with TurboTax. State returns are $19.95 plus tax. The upside to e-filing and having refunds direct deposited to your bank — only takes about a week. 

Backups can be made to CD (and it includes the application) or your MobileMe account, where it is password protected. All in all, it was fairly straightforward. It won't take the place of a good accountant, but if you don't have a complicated return, you might want to give it a try.

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