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Tips on how to work faster or better are always valuable. Here are a few more tips for Mac OS Address Book to add to your growing list.


Highlight Groups that a Contact belongs to:

Select a Contact and hold down Option key.

All the Groups that the Contact is a member of will highlight in yellow.


Chatting with your Contacts

If a Contact of yours is online using iChat, a small green dot will appear next to their picture in Address Book. Clicking on the dot will open iChat, for you to start a conversation with that Contact.


Spotlighting your Contacts

In Address Book > Select Contact >

Right-Click or Control-Click > Context Menu Appears >

Select Spotlight… >

A new Finder window opens up and shows you all the files on your computer that have this person’s name in them.


Merge two Contacts

If you end up with two entries for the same person, they can be merged into one card. Select the two > From the Card menu select “Merged Selected Cards”



Getting Directions

Clicking on the labels in Address Book can give you some nice surprises.

If you hold down your mouse on the label “work” Address Book will give you options to select:


Large Type (Love this one)

To see a phone number large enough to dial it from across the room > 

Click on the phone number label and select “Show in Large Type”



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3 Responses to Just Can't Have Enough Tips! Address Book

  1. Chuck F says:

    Here’s my frustration….
    Even with the phone pref set, I still somehow end up with phone numbers is weird varied formats. Sometimes with the + sign, others without; sometimes with (xxx), other times with just xxx-
    Very frustrating.

    I also find that if you have two contacts with the same name, the software tries to merge them even though they’re NOT the same contact info.

    thanks for a great article Chita!

  2. Brian M says:

    Some of the printing options for AddressBook are great as well,
    print to envelopes, but I find more useful to print to mailing labels (Avery for example)
    After a bit of work of getting all of your friends & family into addressbook, it really saves quite a bit of effort around major holidays or other announcements to be able to just print out the labels (especially with my bad handwriting)

  3. Phyllis Evans says:

    I use a neat piece of $15 shareware called JABMenu that gives me instant access to Address Book from the menu bar. Very handy.