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Amazon finally released their Kindle for Mac application last week, and I had to try it out. It's definitely a beta version, about on par with the first release of Kindle for iPhone, so I'm confident it will improve.


Select your book, decide on which device you want it on, and buy it. That's it. If you have more than one device with a Kindle app, all of your purchases will show up in the Archive section. To download one to your computer or iPhone or touch (or iPad — soon!) just double click on the icon.




For the record, there are many free books available to try it out, some classics and 

some current specials, free for a limited time to hook you on different authors.

The advantage to a Mac or iPhone or touch over a real Kindle — color. Plus, it's one less gadget to carry. 




Viewing options on Kindle for Mac are limited at the moment. You can change font size and see bookmarks and notes created on your Kindle or iPhone, but you can't change or add notes, and you can't change text to something other than black on white. You can bookmark a page.



Will I use it for actually reading novels on my MacBook or iMac? Probably not, but I will use it for accessing tech books, like Terry's iPhone book or one of the great Photoshop books. 



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