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When the Law of gravity wins in the battle for you to be able to hold your iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone, it usually results in a bad situation. The means simply put, a broken device.

Oh What to do!

Well, there is these choices:

1) Return to the Apple store. The device will be checked out, of course because it was dropped, Apple Care is out of the picture. Depending on how bad the damage is, they can repair it but the fees are “aggressive” to the point that you may as well purchase a new or refurbished one to replace it.

2) Repair it yourself ( Which is what I will be doing for a family member ). You can get the parts off the internet. A lot of vendors will sell you the tools the do the job as well as the parts. Also there are lots of “YouTube” videos to see exactly how the repair is done.

3) Try a place I have been sending folks to since I discovered it. It is called:

The Pod Drop. It is a shop located in the strip mall perpendicular to MicroCenter 32670 Concord Dr. 
Madison Hgts, MI 48071 248-307-9599. I have been sending folks there with broken pods and iPhones and they have been satisfied with the service. Less expensive than the Apple store. Of course this may void your Apple warranty but if you dropped the device, your warranty is pretty much shot anyway.

But once again I must say,

Backup your iPod, iPhone, or iPod Touch on a regular basis by syncing with iTunes. Do you remember the last time you have sync’d. Perhaps it’s time to do it again.

This week’s musical selection

The weather outside on Thursday was just outstanding here in the Detroit area. That pushed me towards this little ditty. It just lots of good fun. It will get stuck in your head for sure. Gonna go get a cold Dr. Pepper.


Oh and be sure to tune in on Saturday April 17th 2010 to 760 AM WJR for the Internet Advisor Show. We will be on the air from 4 to 7 PM giving you the best in geek stuff and assistance. Click this link and download the WJR App to you iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad so you can hear it wherever you have an Internet connection.

Remember to mark your calendar for April 25th MacGroup Detroit Meeting!

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0 Responses to Only Newton is stronger than Apple

  1. Dave says:

    When a device has been dropped, caught in a car door or run thru the wash that is considered Accidental Damage. Yes, your original warranty or AppleCare will not cover that repair but should you have Apple repair that device (at a cost to you) your warranty comes back into play. If your Device is outside of any warranty, the repair/replacement of that device comes with a 90 day warranty.

    Repair cost via Apple are reasonable on newer devices compared to the full purchase price. If you have an older device, the cost will be higher and purchase of a new unit may make more sense for you. Part of this is due to the fact that those devices are no longer made.

    My nephew washed and dried the 8 gig Nano he got for Christmas by mistake and it stopped working. Replacement thru an Apple was $79 vs. $149 for a new one. He went with the replacement model and bought an Otter Box case.

    Another concern would be the possible use of sub-standard parts by 3rd party service providers. I know of many folks who have had their iPhone displays replaced while on vacation (Spring Break!) in Mexico. The glass was thicker than normal and in some cases the Multi-Touch stopped functioning after 45 days.

    So if you do go the route of having it fixed someplace besides Apple, remember that you made that choice and Apple will be unable to repair it in the future. As Ben Franklin said: “Penneywise, Pound foolish” or you may regret going cheap later on!

  2. calvin says:


    Thanks for the insight. Apple repair is a valid choice and it has some good features. I also agree with the Pennywise Poundfoolish but sometimes there are valid allternatives out there. Everyone should always do their “due Dilligence” when making repair choices.