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It’s Spring Time! About the time to change the oil and rotate those tires.

Many folks I know do backups. Some do them on a regular basis. Some even remember to store them offsite. But a lot do not remember to rotate their backups.

I had an associate who backed up regularly to CD’s and DVD’s. Stored them in a safe place but, there were a lot of disks stored there. Also there were many that were very old and not very likely to be used ever again.

Rotation will keep that sort thing from happening.

First. Use media that can be rewritten. Avoid CD-RWs. My experience is that they are not reliable. Use something like tape, external hard drive or a simple USB Flash drive. You want to have at least two sets. One you keep offsite at all times. The other set at your computer for your next back up. By using this type of media and rotating it, it keeps the data fresh and you don’t end up accumulating a bunch of media that you will need to track. These are backups not archives. Archives are a different conversation.

Follow this method and you’ll find that backing up will be less of a chore. Sure, it’s not the most exciting thing you’ll do with your Mac or PC, but it one of the most important things you’ll do.

Musical selection for this week

This week was Administrative Assistant week. Most of the Admins where I work are women who do a great job keeping the office and the behind the scenes stuff running smoothly. They are truly “Tough Enough”. Let’s also remember that women that are working at keeping house and home together are just as tough.

1986 was the year for “The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Enjoy!


And where will you tune in on Saturday April 24th 2010? Why to 760 AM WJR for the Internet Advisor Show. We will be on the air from 5 to 7 PM giving you the best in geek stuff and assistance. Click this link and download the WJR App to you iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad so you can hear it wherever you have an Internet connection.


Sunday, I will see you at the MacGroup Detroit meeting for Terry White’s presentation of Adobe’s Creative Suite 5!

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