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You know, there are some things that you like so much, you just hate them. They absolutely have your number. They own you lock, stock and barrel.

Bejeweled is that game that I love, to hate. I can’t even say that I like the game. All I can say is that I play it sometimes on my iPhone. Ah, maybe more than sometimes. OK. I’ll fess up.

Bejeweled is my nemesis. 

I find that I play this game and get totally lost in it for lengths of time that I will not admit to. So, I was wondering the other day, what is it that keeps someone addicted to such a game as this? 

So, I did some online searching and found that the creators of Bejeweled did explain how they hook you and keep you so ‘engaged’ (for hours):

• High Game Scores

Everyone likes a high score. It proves something. Without a high score to shoot for, you wouldn’t even bother to play the game.

• Low Pressure of playing the game

There’s enough pressure to cope with on a daily basis, so here the only stress is the play the game. Low stress (not no-stress) games, while giving you some success, will keep you engaged longer. I guess, this means, a feeling of accomplishment with minimal effort.

• Sounds

The sounds of the pings and muted explosions get progressively higher as you make combinations. A secret weapon that claims to hook you in.

• Constantly changing screen

As you are playing the game, the screen constantly changes, giving you a new view, different stimulus, new challenge, that increases your concentration, which increases your engagement.

• Cognitive Benefits

Keeping your brain stimulated and the pressure low, keeps the stress down and the attention span long. OK, I’m sure they have scientist who have studied this. After all, I’m hooked.

• But what about the Angst?

The angst of “I can’t believe I’ve been sitting here playing this game for so long?” Well, I guess that’s a problem that I have to solve myself.

By the way, what’s your Waterloo?

What iPhone game has you hopelessly hooked?


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9 Responses to Just Plain Addicted

  1. Sharon says:

    I must admit that I too am a Bejewelled addict, hmm I mean fan! I often read the web blog first in the morning, after checking the weather and my email. Today I read Chita’s column about that ridiculously addictive game Bejeweled, and like the good addict, hmm I mean fan, that I am, started playing it! Thanks a lot Chita! It’s your fault that I spent time playing this game instead of getting ready to go to work! I managed to put it down after one level- see I can control myself, addicts can’t do that!

    Anyway, next Thursday PLEASE don’t write about any other games that I waste, aahh I mean spend, time playing such as Mouse About or Paper toss or I may find myself doing that instead what I am supposed to be doing!!!! LOL!!

  2. Chita says:

    Paper Toss.
    What a ridiculous, mindless, addictive game!!!
    I keep thinking “What am I doing?! Put this game down!”

  3. Chita says:

    Do you play the “Action” game on Bejeweled?
    You think you are an addict now…just wait.
    (You would have been late for work.)

  4. Bill W., Mug Det. says:

    High scores are not always the hook – my pressent obsession is
    MIni Golf Chip Shot.
    My personal best is 30. Others have scored as low as 19.

    Also, any solitaire game. I’m presently frustrated by Klondike Strict.

  5. Chita says:

    I am presently frustrated by the latest update to Scrabble.
    Of course I choose the highest level of difficulty while playing against the comuter, and I swear, the computer cheats. On that level, I ROUTINELY get letters like, A E I O U E E, while the computer is scoring 90+ point turns with all the high scoring tiles. It’s cheating I tell you.

  6. Steven Klein says:

    What’s the price?

  7. Chita says:

    Price of…?

  8. Sharon says:

    No, I usually just play the endless game. tried the action though & played it until the battery wore down. besides, i’m not an addict- just a really dedicated fan! have you tried Mouse About? now there’s a good time waster!

    on another note, how do you post your picture along with your comment?

  9. Chita says:

    No, I haven’t tried Mouse About.
    Maybe in the future when I bored of wasting time with my present time wasters. 🙂

    Posting my image with my comments:
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