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This is just a fast, easy tip. If you are using a newer Mac computer, you are probably using a Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse. I've been using the same wireless keyboard for about 4 years now, and bought my first Mighty Mouse about the same time. Now, I use a Magic Mouse, and am totally hooked on it. Battery life is pretty good on both, but I like to check the power levels occasionally. Yes, you can open the System Preferences and check them there, but there is a faster way. If you opt to show Bluetooth in the menu bar, just click on the icon, then cursor down to the peripheral in question. A side pop-out menu will show you battery levels, as well as let you disconnect it. Fast and easy.

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One Response to Bluetooth Battery Levels

  1. paul says:

    Not sure what “good” battery life is. I have three two-month old Magic Mice and the batteries have been replaced for all three already. That’s too short for me.