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Oh the weather outside is delightful ……. I forgot to do what was needed inside.


I’m Late …. I’m Late!



More than usual this week I got calls from folks that had computers that would not boot up. In all of the cases, it was either file system corruption or hard drive dying but not dead yet.


Lucky for me, these were not heavy users and the amount of data that they needed retrived was under 8 gig.


Da Daaaa! ….. USB Drive to the rescue!


I was able to move the failing hard drive to another venue as a secondary drive or boot the system from CD and copy the files from the drive still in the computer that was failing to the USB Flash Drive. People sure do love you when you can save the data that they should have BACKED UP in the first place.


Keep at least one of these USB flash drives around in your “toolkit”. It will be handy for a multitude of things including quick backups of small projects.


Saturday Radio

Tune in to AM 760 WJR — The 50,000 watt giant – between 5:00 and 7:00 PM for “The Internet Advisor Show”. The gang of 3 will be present, Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and I along with some special guests for talk both lively and informational about all things computer and Internet.


Musical Selection for the week

When I grow up I am going to form a musical group just like this. I just don’t know that many thin models. I guess I could just use regular people or maybe “Go Daddy” ladies.  Or maybe the swiffer people could loan me mops… or better a Pepsi offer to do a commerical.



C Ya!

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One Response to Backup Tool of the week …

  1. Christopher Prost says:

    The Truth:

    It was done by a couple of German kids I thought it was funny, but it is the honest the goodness truth known worldwide. I thought you might like it for your music selection of the week. Have fun! 🙂