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One of my favorite pastimes is reading. And one of my favorite apps to read with is Zinio Reader. The Zinio Reader allows for a very rich user experience when reading the electronic version of your favorite magazine or book.

I did an article months back, “Seeing Green” that gives you a full breath of the Zinio Reader.

There’s even a Zinio Reader for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad; which allows you to take your reading material with you wherever you go. Which also gives an interesting reader experience of being able to read the layout version of the article. Or, selecting a “Text” button that gives you a text only version of the article to read and then click back on the “Page” layout version when you are done. 



Recently Zinio launched it’s new Zinio Reader 4 Beta for you to take it for a spin. Built in Adobe AIR, this beta wants to take advantage of new interactivity that the Adobe AIR technology can bring to it.

New features being touted in the Beta 4 version are:

  • Dynamic, interactive articles and ads
  • Explore pages in thumbnail grid
  • Search and sort in Library view
  • Improved zoom customization
  • Share, post and send to friends
  • Bookmark a page or clip a selection
  • Custom transitions
  • More interactive, digital-only content and videos
  • Synchronized online and offline access

At first glance the clarity of text and images when viewed in the beta 4 version is hands down stellar over previous versions. 

There’s also more flexibility than in previous versions with zooming in closer on an article or image. This is a great improvement over version 3. 

The Toolbar now automatically hides, and only appears when you go to it’s area on the screen. I didn’t really like that at first; but I have my OS Dock set up to do that same thing, so I eventually got used to it here, too.

The movements of pages, zooming, screen redraw are still choppy and a bit slow.

Hopefully, that will be worked out as the beta 4 version develops. 

Whether you are a Zinio Reader veteran or new to it, freely download this beta and give feedback to aide in it’s development.

This new version is bound to be a hit.

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