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Those legacy members will sometimes get you off track.


By now you should know that I pretty much preach the gospel of backup. It's a good thing to preach. People need their souls filled with the goodness of a well backed up computer. It's has been written that a "good back up is next to another good backup". How do I know that it is written? Was it on some wall in a pyramid or temple? No, I just wrote it here so I know it is written.

My flock. Let me lead you to the promised land. No it does not flow with milk and honey (and you won't want to get that in your keyboard). But it beholds the promise of less anguish and despair from not having an ability to get back priceless data that you value. It brings the peace and comfort of knowing that all is right in your computer world. That you are protected safely offsite with the promise of hope and a brighter day if disaster happens to your computer.


Something for you to do.


With all of this written I put the questions to you now.

What media do you use to protect your data?

Do you store it some where securely?

How often do you backup?


I want to get your feedback in the comments section of this blog.


Musical Selection for your ear injection


Backing up your data is important business, so best to be takin care of it.




Oh yeah baby I am back!


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3 Responses to What’s your backup scheme?

  1. Yvonne says:

    My main computer, macbook I have an external 1 tb drive partitioned so that one partition is the timemachine macbook. The second partition is for a daily backup that I have it set to do automatically at 10pm everyday. I also sync up my calendars, bookmarks, mail and contacts to my mobile me account that I sync up on Sundays. I am going to take ownership of a new imac over the next few days and am considering my backup strategy. I am either going to get a new drive or use my older drivers we will see.

  2. Steven Klein says:

    My main computer is a MacBook with a 160GB hard drive. It backs up wirelessly to a 1TB Time Capsule. When I’m not using it, I connect it to a USB drive, and SuperDuper makes a clone every day in the wee hours of the morning.

    My email, address book, calendar, notes, bookmarks and keychains are all backed up via MobileMe sync.

    I use MobileMe Backup for some of the contents of my documents folder, but I don’t have enough free space for all of my documents folder, which includes, among other things, the very large virtual disk files used by Parallels.

    Except for MobileMe, I don’t currently have off-site backups, so if (G-d forbid) my house burns down, I’m out of luck. In the meantime, I’m relying on prayer. It’s worked so far!

    Thanks for posting this, Calvin. It’s a reminder that I need to do something about off-site backup.

    I wonder if it’s cheaper to pay for a safe-deposit box, or for online storage storage like Carbonite, Mozy, or iDrive?

  3. Aldo Johnson says:

    I’ve got a 320gb Western Digital external harddisk for my MBP. I plug in every night and run SuperDuper.

    Unfortunately, I currently don’t have external site backup 🙁