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So I decided to look for a tool that I had not used for quite a while for a project that I am working on. While digging for it in a pile of stuff in storage, I cam across a storage box. Inside the box were some older backup tapes. Older backup tapes! Really older backup tapes!!


How old were they??

They were so old I have already long disposed of the tape drive to read and write the tapes. I believe they are circa Mac OS 8. They are 2 and 4 gigabyte capacity tapes. What’s on them? a host of things but I can’t retrieve the data so they are no value to me.

But beware, dispose of properly!


Just because they are no longer useable to me, doesn’t mean I should throw them away  in a “Feckless” fashion. ( Chance to look this up..Feckless…. Go ahead, I have got the time to wait) Proper data disposal is key to protecting your data. There are many ways to do this. Here are a few ways that I use.

1) Use a large magnet and wipe the data magnetically.

2) Physically destroy the tapes. Sometimes I use a power drill on the tapes to make them unreadable. Sometimes a saw, sometimes a small bonfire. At any rate, the key is to make them so no one can read the data. Got a big batch so the saw or fire will be my friend.

Musical Selection for this week

I have not seen the movie but I understand it was a funny sort of love story. I am just surprised that a group like Jefferson Starship would have made this song. Enjoy!




I know what you’ll be listening to on Saturday

Tune in to AM 760 WJR between 5:00 and 7:00 PM for “The Internet Advisor Show”. The standard crew will be there for you. Gary, Foster, Ed and I for talk both lively and informational about all things computer, gadget and Internet.  If you can not tune in at the time above, check out Phly’s “Tech Tuesday” “Free is Good” 8/3/2010 blog here for info on downloading the WJR iPhone/iPod app for listening to the podcasts of the show!

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